In order to facilitate the accessibility of the proposed predictive model by the scientific community, we have developed a user-friendly webserver by the same name of StackIL6, which is made freely available online at http://camt.pythonanywhere.com/StackIL6. Herein, we provide step-by-step guidelines on how to use the StackIL6 webserver in order to obtain the prediction results.

Firstly, upon opening the webserver at http://camt.pythonanywhere.com/StackIL6.

Secondly, the user enters the query sequence into the text box or alternatively the user can upload a FASTA file by clicking on the “Choose file” button.

Thirdly, the user clicks on the “Submit” button in order to start the prediction process. Typically, in this step, it takes a few seconds for the server to process the task.

Finally, after finishing the prediction process, the results are displayed as shown on the right-hand side of the webserver. The user can see examples of FASTA-formatted sequences by clicking on the “example file” button.